Quality of Life in Van Buren Michigan

Van Buren County, located in beautiful southwestern Michigan, offers a unique quality of life. Whether it is our exceptional array of year round outdoor activities, our many museums and art galleries or our proximity to many major cities, you won’t be bored in Van Buren County. With Van Buren County’s central Midwestern location and a climate moderated by the greatest of the five Great Lakes, Lake Michigan, it is hard to beat life at the Gateway to beautiful Southwest Michigan..

Clean water, good educational resources and outstanding local agriculture are a few of the many amenities to be found in Van Buren County. In addition, the state of Michigan has the lowest cost of living among the Midwestern states. Food, taxes and utility costs are far below the national averages in Van Buren County. Also, affordable housing costs and our positive trends in economic data like unemployment levels, make the quality of life in Van Buren County a positive experience.

Situated with easy access to Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, South Bend, Detroit and Chicago, residents never lack for the benefits of large cities while enjoying the peace and quiet of country living. In addition, with over 26,000,000 people within a half tank of gas, Van Buren County is a key destination for Midwestern tourism.

Outdoor activities range from hiking, boating, fishing, skiing, and skateboarding to tours of wineries breweries and historical sites. There is always much to do Van Buren County.

As California and Arizona face growing water concerns, no such problem exists in Van Buren County.  Lake Michigan contains over 22,000 square miles of fresh water and is home to boating, fishing, sailing and many other activities.

Fresh local food is in abundance. Our delightful farmers markets are brimming with freshness and timeless hospitality. From bushels of fresh picked apples to ciders, jams, fresh vegetables, it's a tradition of the area. And don't forget our U-pick blueberries, raspberries and sweet corn/Indian corn and pumpkin fields.

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Van Buren County also specializes in onion and strawberry production which is distributed throughout the state and the rest of the country.
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